Why Full Service Means No Service

Do you rely on the phrase “full service” to:
– advertise your company?
– explain your range of capabilities?
– appear bigger than your competition?

Full service may mean everything to you, but that’s because you know your business better than the rest of us. To a general audience, full service has all the impact of a blurry photo.

By telling us you are full service, you’re saying it’s cumbersome for you to list everything you do. Therefore, in order for me to get some meaning from the term, I have to do the thinking. While you’re busy selling me, I have to process what it is I think you do.

Worse, if you actually do everything, you specialize in nothing. If you do have a specialty, you blew it when you said you’re full service. See where I’m headed with this? Instead of adding meaning, full service has become meaningless.

I know only a few of the many products and services that make up your total offering. By relying on two words to give meaning your business, you ignore what differentiates you.

Decide what’s important about your business. What should people know to understand your capabilities and specialties? If you can, keep it short and specific. Memorable and digestible.

Put it in writing on your Web site and commit it to your own memory so you can pull it out when the time is right. You’re sure to create a sharp, focused picture in people’s minds that outperforms the promise of “full service” every time.


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