What’s Your Business GPA?

What's Your Business GPA?Did you think high school was the last time you’d have to worry about your GPA? If you’re in business, you’re still chasing that 4.0.

I call it your Business GPA.

Customers get to see it all the time. So does your boss (if you have one). Wondering why you haven’t discovered it yourself? The odd thing about the Business GPA is that you’re the last person to see it.

This all-important score is relative to the people it affects most. The people you work for, the ones who make the decision to pay you in exchange for value. It’s based on their perceptions – how you stand out from others like you, the quality of the work you produce – and the things you do each day to be the best you can be.

So, while you may never see your score yourself, it’s a good thing you know about it. That’s Step 1 – understanding that it exists. The next step is to understand how to earn a score that’s judged by others … and what to do to get it to a 4.0, even if you never see it yourself.

Here’s a quick article that should inspire you.