What good could come from offering your customers a guarantee?

“Offer a guarantee? Everyone will want to use it!”

Put your guarantee in writing.

Who needs a guarantee? My WORD is your guarantee!

Companies lack written guarantees for all sorts of reasons, but the most irrational of all is the fear that a customer will use it.

If that rings familiar, I’m going to sound the wake-up call. Because what you’re really saying is your product or service is crap, and if that’s true, you need to seriously address some quality issues. Today.

With so many businesses vying for your customer base, your product must be so unbelievably excellent, you honestly believe it’s among the best out there. And if it is, who would return it?

Studies from a gazillion marketing think tanks prove – Number One – a guarantee boosts sales, and – Two – almost nobody takes advantage of a guarantee unless the product or service turns out to be garbage. If your product is amazing, guarantee it!

Still afraid to stand behind your goods? Here are three reasons guaranteed to change your mind, or I will refund your purchase of this advice:

A guarantee…

  • Removes one of the biggest barriers to a purchase: fear of buyer’s remorse.
  • Differentiates you. Is your competition offering a guarantee? Whose sounds better?
  • Stands for quality. If it’s worthy of a guarantee, it must be good.
  • Is a technicality. Face it, if customers demand a refund and they have good reason to do so, you often have no choice. What better reason to be proactive?

Willing to give it a try? Here are three essentials to do it right.

Make your guarantee clear. Rather than, “Satisfaction guaranteed,” try instead, “You must absolutely love this product, or we will refund your entire purchase price.”

Put it out front. Let your customers know how strongly you believe in your product’s quality by calling attention to your guarantee in your advertising and prominently on the labeling.

Make it easy. Avoid creating a series of hoops to jump through in order to take advantage of your guarantee. Lest you believe that it will make fewer people return your product, it may actually raise red flags that steer people away from purchasing it in the first place.

You’re all set to boost buyer confidence and sell more. Let me know how it goes!